Gender and Identity in Jazz

Darmstädter Beiträge zur Jazzforschung Band 14

edited by Wolfram Knauer
308 p., pb., photos

The 14th Darmstadt Jazzforum held in October 2015 focused on different aspects of identity in jazz. The participants talked about the perception of female instrumentalists, about "male" or "female" sound, about homosexuality, about references to the body as well as about the denial of the erotic element in music, about Jutta Hipp, Ivy Benson, Clare Fischer, Sun Ra and others. The conference participants looked at jazz history, but they self-confidently also looked at the jazz scene of today. They discussed how common prejudices can be overcome and how to describe the gender discourse of the 21st century. It is perfectly clear that the view of jazz musicians and their art may be distorted if we reduce them to any parts of their identity, be it their gender, their sexual orientation, their ethnicity, or anything else. However, to ignore these facets, be it in jazz history or today"s jazz scene, is a proof of neglect as well. With this publication we hope to contribute to a discourse which is and remains important in our changing modern world.

Papers in German and English (see TOC)


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