Jazz Debates / Jazzdebatten

Darmstädter Beiträge zur Jazzforschung Band 13

edited by Wolfram Knauer
224 p., pb., photos

Debates in jazz history are aesthetic marks which reflect discourses about the directions the music might take. In September 2013 experts from Europe and the USA met at the Darmstadt Jazzforum to discuss how such debates inform the perception of jazz to this day. The essays in this book focus on the effects of jazz debates on the aesthetic opinion. They examine historical as well as current debates within the German jazz scene. They discuss the gender debate in jazz, asking how an ideal of masculinity influences both the music and its reception as well as where in the jazz discourses one might find room for women and the LGBT community. Finally, they focus on the latest debate about the term "jazz" itself, touching questions about both historical and aesthetic ownership of music.

Papers in German and English (see table of contents).


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