Jorgo Schäfer: Watching with my Ears

20 Years Vision Festival New York

Catalogue German / English
56 pp., hardcover, 24 x 28 cm

With Watching with my Ears, the Wuppertal artist Jorgo Schäfer presents the works he has made over 20 years during the Vision Festival in New York. The Vision Festival is an annual world festival of free jazz (free improvised music, avant-garde jazz, etc.), where other arts such as dance, poetry, spoken word and visual arts also play an important role.

„When the Wuppertal bassist Peter Kowald invited me to the Vision Festival in New York in the summer of 2000, I had no idea what cosmos I would be entering. That was to change over the next 20 years. I was given the opportunity to place my work table directly in front of the stage in order to translate my impressions directly into free sketches. Over the course of many years, the Vision Festival has had a lasting influence on all my visual art work.“ (Jorgo Schäfer)

„Jorgo listens and sees with his eyes and ears and takes his own risks when making the sheets. As soon as the last sound has faded away, the light in the hall is switched on again, the picture is finished, nothing more is added or painted over. The element of the spontaneous is in the foreground – painting as improvisation.“ (Stefan Altevogt)

Jorgo Schäfer’s sketches and spontaneous graphics are collected in this volume.

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