Hans Reichel: Daxophonie

In German and English
272 pp., hardcover, large format

A catalogue book about the Wuppertal „universal artist“ Hans Reichel, the third in the triumphant marriage with Brötzmann and Kowald. Hans Reichel was a musician, composer, improviser, instrument inventor and builder, sound engineer, typeface inventor, game designer, graphic designer, photographer and much more.
His music, which cannot be confined to any genre, was of „complex beauty“. As a sound researcher, he developed instruments such as the Daxophone, which sounds out of itself. His music, whether improvised or composed, is recorded on numerous discs and performed again and again by ensembles. It has lost none of its power and effect, with which it has put our listening habits to the test and at the same time opened up a new cosmos of sound for us.
The catalogue presents his entire world of artistic creation in numerous contributions and is a treasure trove for musicians, typographers and designers alike.



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