Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Reader

edited by Julia H. Schröder and Volker Straebel

In English
208 pp., pb.

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts is a postgraduate program of the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2017, the program has served to deepen the theoretical and practical skills in sound-related theory and practice, particularly in cultural studies, musicology, aesthetics, sound art, sound design, and media production. It evolved from the program Sound Studies – Akustische Kommunikation which was established in 2005.

While the Master’s program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts pairs theoretical discussion with practical exploration and creation in auditory culture and sound art, this publication focuses on research from members of the faculty teaching theory in 2020/21. Their contributions offer a range of perspectives and methodologies in the area of sound studies and sonic theory.

The theory department of the program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts includes instructors with backgrounds and research interests in musicology, media studies, philosophy, acoustic engineering and artistic research. We asked our colleagues to suggest essays that reflected these interests and received both original contributions and texts that have not been published in English before. In making this research available, we hope to emphasize the diversity of approaches in the field of sound studies and document the master’s program’s view on sonic theory.



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