Steffen Krebber: sinusoidal run rhythm

In English
256 pp., pb.

sinusoidal run rhythm is generated by adding up in-phase cosine functions in whole number ratios. They are temporally and dynamically shifted in their maxima compared to corresponding notated rhythms and feature a physicality that is not present in discretely controlled rhythms. sinusoidal run rhythm thus conceives of rhythm as a wave and clearly stands out from the conventional rhythm theory of a European musical tradition. It opens up an inexhaustible variety of beguiling physical music.

The volume depicts this aesthetic diversity in numerous illustrations of the sinusoidal run rhythms. On the one hand, it offers an opportunity to lose oneself in the formations of an extended concept of rhythm and to immerse oneself in the beauty of individual specimens – following the example of books for the identification of beetles or butterflies. On the other hand, the theory encourages us to unbound the borders between imagination and performance, score and interpretation, man and machine and search for applications in music-making, music analysis, psychoacoustics or philosophy.

Steffen Krebber is composer, sound artist and researcher. His work moves between computer music, instrumental and electroacoustic composition, sound art, research, language, epistemology, sociology and media art.

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