Weltkunstzimmer (ed.): Daily Sounds All Around

Traces of acoustic worlds

Exhibition catalogue
German and English
With content written by Janine Blöß und Holger Schulze
76 pp., pb., Photos

In our daily routine the auditory and sensorily experience of din, noises and sounds often happens unconsciously but it can influence the perception of our surroundings in almost every situation. DAILY SOUNDS ALL AROUND is an exhibition which examines those sounds and noises apart from their usual acoustic territories. Those sounds can enter immediately in our ears and point us into the auditory phenomenoms which normally get distorted by other noises. Peter Cusack, William Engelen, Hanna Hartmann, Freya Hattenberger, Rene Hüls, Ketonge, Vera Lossau, Peter C. Simon, Juergen Staack, Jens Schmidt and Junya Oikawa went on artistic journeys while searching for acoustic environments with different forms of acoustical expression. Their search reached from Siberia and Vietnam to central places of urban cities. Almost every piece is based on field recordings of particular places and deals with all kinds of meetings, actions and situations.
The artists decontextualize ordinary sounds and created a variety of sensoric events. The noises and sounds get extended into sound installations and become sculptural objects which influence and lead the senses of the observer.

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