›I Sing the Body Electric‹

Music and Technology in the 20th Century

Hans-Joachim Braun (ed.)
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Technology has always been inseparable from the development of music. But in the 20th Century a rapid acceleration took place: a new ›machine music‹ came into existence, electronic musical instruments were developed and composeres often turned into sound researchers. A problematic identification of technical change with musical progress became visible. ›Noise‹ was raised to the state of an art, and, quite often, audience and critics were shocked at this development. In pop and rock electroacustics became the essence of music-making and of musical aesthetics. Engineers with recording and reproducing equipment assumed increasing importance and the reise of studio aesthetics had a significant impact on the expectations of listeners in the concert hall. In view of all this, it seems correct to speak of a ›technologization‹ od musical aesthetics in the 20th Century.

Geoffrey Hindley: Keyboards, Crankshafts and Communication: The Musical Mindset of Western Technology · Hugh Davies: Electronic Instruments: Classifications and Mechanisms · Tatsuya Kobayashi: ›It all Began with a Broken Organ‹. The Role of Yamaha in Japan's Music Development · Trevor Pinch & Frank Trocco: The Social Construction of the Sythesizer · Jürgen Hocker: My Soul is in the Machine – Conlon Nancarrow – Composer for Player Piano – Precursor of Computer Music · Barbara Barthelmes: Music and the City · Hans-Joachim Braun: ›Moving On‹: Airplanes and Locomotives in 20th Century Music · Karin Bjisterveld: ›A Servile Imitation‹ · István Pintér: Sound Microscopy and Music in the 20th Century. A Survey with Special Reference to Hungary · Susan Schmidt-Horning: From Polka to Punk: Growth of an Idependent Recording Studio, 1934–1977 · Alexander B. Magoun: The Origins of the 45-rpm Record at RCA Victor, 1939–1948 · Andre Millard: Tape Recording and Music Making · James P. Kraft: Musicians and the Sound Revolution: Business, Labor, and Technology in America, 1890–1950 · Mark Katz: Aesthetics out of Exigency: Violin Vibrato and the Phonograph · Rebecca McSwain: Reversing the Reverse Salient in Electric Guitar Technology: Noise, Humbuckers and Jimi Hendrix · Helga de la Motte-Haber: Soundsampling: An Aesthetic Challenge · Martha Brech: New Technology – New Artistic Genres: Changes in the Concept and Aesthetics of Music · Bernd Enders: Musical Education and the New Media: The Current Situation and Perspectives for the Future


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